The Walking Dead Volume 16 TP: A Larger World

The Walking Dead, Vol. 16 - Robert Kirkman

I couldn't decide if this was a 3 star or a 4 star read, so it's more like a 3.5 star.


As soon as I open the first page, BOOM! Zombie kills! The killing didn't last long though, slight disappointment in that.


Glen and the scout pack are on a food run,winter is coming and food is low. Maggie has become so insecure and scared that for the first time she's out on on run with Glenn to try and understood the part he plays within the group. It's odd seeing Maggie like this, scared, insecure and overly protective of Glenn. I like her character arc more in the tv adaption.


Very early on we're introduced to a new character, Jesus. Jesus claims he's from a community of two hundred people and he wants to build an alliance to trade between the group. Rick and a selected few decide to hear Jesus out and they go visit his group.Rick quickly gets involved in a situation which leads him to make a deal with Jesus and this new group.


Rick likes what he sees within this new group, I'm just not sure it's for the best.I'm a little disappointed that the story has slowed down, there wasn't any zombie interaction after the first scout run. The zombie threat doesn't feel like it used to, back in those first volumes. Rick and the rest of his crew still kill the zombies, but the kills are sporadic, without fear and pressure.


I'm also a little let down by some of the images. The last volumes some of the characters have mingled together, in particular Glenn, he has looked so similar to others and I've had to look again to see who he was.


The pacing has slowed down, the zombie threat feels less pressured, there isn't that sense of looming fear in the background.. BUT the writing is so good. It's addictive. I read a whole volume in just over half an hour.


Despite the story going flat at times, I'm always interested in the characters and I look forward to what they'll do next. I feel like there's a lot of build up or a slow burn happening. I just hope there's something worth while at the end.