The Walking Dead Volume 15 TP: We Find Ourselves

The Walking Dead, Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves - Robert Kirkman

This was a bit better than a 3 star so I've rounded up slightly to a 3.5.


Picking up where volume 14 left off, Rick sees a future for his gang and the community. Rick wants to make changes for the better, he starts to put plans into action much to the dislike of a few residents.


Rick has changed so much, he once was this strong leader; a family man and now he's just annoying me at times.Rick has a lot on his plate with Carl after his skull was blown out. I like his new found confidence but he's till carrying around this bloody telephone, still talking dead Lori..this annoys me to no end. I wish this would stop. I never liked Lori, although she is more likeable in the novels, even in death she still manages to piss me off!


I want Rick to pull himself together and maybe Andrea can be the one to do that?.. I see something happening between these characters.


Abraham is one of my favourite characters in the novels. He really makes me laugh, he continues to be a great asset to the group, especially with the ladies! *wink wink* Abraham does show great leadership skills, I wouldn't be surprised if Abraham steps up.


Michonne is heart broken ater loosing Tyresse and now Morgan. Tyreese and Morgan are in the TV series so I hope there will be some love interest for Michonne, I think it will help her character develop on the show.


Quite a slow paced edition to the series with very little zombie action. I'm starting to miss life on the road, I hope the story picks up.