The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone

The Walking Dead, Vol. 13: Too Far Gone - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman

This volume picks up where the previous left off. Rick and the gang are living within a community, quite peacefully it seems. They all have their roles to play to keep it running and safe.


We learn more about Douglas and his mission and we learn about the secret involving Davidson. Douglas does seem controlling, but I believe he's a decent person.


Glenn and Maggie are having some relationship problems, which, eventually they work through. This volume focuses on relationships, Rick and Carl, Maggie and Glenn and Peter and Jessie.


Peter and Jessie are Rick's main focus at the moment, expecially given his new role of constable and how he will deal with their problem. This also leads us to question Rick's sanity and resolve.


Michonne is very prominent, she plays her part, she has put so much behind her. Michonne is less robotic now and more of a woman, she feels and it's good to she how she's developed.


"Do any of us really know who we are? and even if we do now, did we know before all this started?"


4 out of 5 stars