The Small Hand

The Small Hand - Susan Hill

This book was a 2 star, and only because I wanted to see what happened at the end.


I'll start with what I liked best, the cover. This is a beautiful book, I liked the blue and gold. It was lovely to hold and the pages are a nice quality, it will look lovely on any bookcase.


Its very easy to read,at 167 pages long and I read it in a few hours. It all starts with Adam, a book dealer who gets lost on his return to London. He happens upon a drive way, which he follows in hope of finding help, instead he finds the white house. The house is derelict, or so it seems. Adam returns to his car, when someone takes hold of his hand, but there is no one there.


What follows is Adam going about his daily life and dealings. I throughly enjoyed his time at the monastery and visiting Sir Edgar.


The story does fall flat and doesnt really pick up again until page 144, when 'the hand' becomes more featured and sadly leads to a very dissapointing end.


It is well written and very descriptive, maybe overly descriptive at times. I found that I was sometimes bogged down in description, and the plot didn't move anywhere.I found this quite a hard book to review and talk about, as I just found it very bland and quite boring in parts.


I like Susan Hill and I loved The Woman in Black, but this really isnt her best work.