The Vincent Brothers

The Vincent Brothers  - Abbi Glines

I really, really enjoyed the final book in this duology. The Vincent Brothers was definitely my favourite of the two. I didn't like Sawyer much in The Vincent Boys, so I was a little unsure how I'd feel reading from his point of view.


The story is told six months after Sawyer and Ashton's break up and is told from Sawyer and Lana's point of view.Sawyer is still hurting, he isn't dealing with Ash and Beau's relationship. He struggles seeing them together and Sawyer finds it hard to socalise with the group. I thought Sawyer was a complete dick at times, and needed a good slap! Sawyer wants Ash back, so he hatches a plan to make her jealous and get under he skin using her cousin Lana.


Lana, who was introduced to us as Ashton's cousin in The Vincent Boys, is coming to stay for six months before going off to college. Lana has changed her whole image as a way to get Sawyer.She has been in love with Sawyer since they were kids, now he's single this is her chance to make an impression. I really liked Lana. Lana was going through a hard time, with her parents divorcing, her father's new relationship, and generally feeling like she didn't know where she fitted in with her screwed up family.Despite Lana's troubles, she wasn't moaning, whiney and self depricating. She wanted to have fun and be noticed.


I really liked Lana's personality, so much more than Ashton's. Sawyer and Lana's relationship surprised me. Sawyer was so hands on with Lana, from the get go! He was flirty and touchy feely, and the sexual chemistry between them was so intense.



"Hmmm...that's nice," Sawyer whispered into the curve of my neck. I tightened my hold on him and buried my face in his shoulder. A warm sexy chuckle vibrated within his chest.We were up and going before I could think about anything else. My legs clamped down on his waist so tightly the hard arousal I'd felt earlier was now firmly pressed against me."Ah, hell," he whispered in my ear and I shifted, wondering if I weighed too much or was holding on too tight."Please Lana, don't move. I can't concentrate when you do that." The smoldering gleam in his eyes sent my body into a warm frenzy."Am I hurting you?"Sawyer shook his head and pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Not the way you think. Hang on, I'm going to give you a little bit of a ride."


The Sawyer that I knew from The Vincent Boys wasn't what I was getting in this story. I actually began to like him, when he wasn't being a dick to Lana that is... he was funny, hot and sexy! Sawyer was still hung up on Ash, but as he began spending time with Lana things got easier for him. He didn't mind being around Ash and Beau, sure it still hurt a little but Lana eased his pain! Sawyer didn't want anything more than fling with Lana, he was going off to college, he didn't want anything complicated, just a distraction. It was a camping trip that changed things for Sawyer. His feeling for Lana and Ash were changing and his relationship with Beau. There were some pretty heated moments between Lana and Sawyer, some swoon worthy scenes that made the heart rise and the mind wonder.I liked how Sawyer's character developed, he did a complete 180!


I liked Ash and Beau's relationship through the eyes of others, it was cute, passionate, hot and sometimes very funny. Beau was still very much the alpha, he was fiesty, sexy and oh so dreamy.. I loved how he loved Ashton.


Honey Vincent, Beau's mum was as brilliant as ever, I loved her dialogue, her sass and wit, she was a great character.


Overall I did really love The Vincent Brothers. The story is more fleshed out this time around. The writing wasn't repetitive like it was in The Vincent Boys. I did have a couple of niggles at the start of the book, and a few chapters in. At one point I felt a slight plateau, and I worried the story was going to go along like it. Thankfully it didn't.


The Vincent Brothers definitely fits in the New Adult category, there is a lot of heavy petty, suggestion and other naughties in this book, nothing too explicit, but there's a lot going on. This is the second Abbi Glines book I have read, and it won't be the last.


4.5 hot, smoking alpha male stars!