The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys  - Abbi Glines

Ahh The Vincent Boys, these boys are hot!.. well Beau is! Beau is all kind of yummy goodness, he'd do anything for you... I love that in a man ;-)


Ashton is a preachers daughter, who feels trapped and constricted by her father. Ash feels that she has to behave a certain way because of who she is, I felt sorry for her at the begining but but that slowly changed.


Ash, Sawyer and the gorgrous Beau have been friends since childhood. Ash and Beau were really close, they'd pull pranks and get into trouble, and Sawyer would always be there to bail them out. I loved how Ash and Beau would talk about the things they'd get up to, it was so cute and it really reminded me of Melaine and Jake from Sweet Home Alabama.


Ash and Beau were very tight back then, so it surprised me when I learnt that Ash was in a realtionship with Sawyer. Sawyer is a dick! he doesn't treat Ash like a person, more like his object, he keeps her close, it's like he's marking his territory. They have a very odd relationship, he says he loves her, but he doesn't want to touch her the way she wants to be touched.


Now, enter Beau Vincent... ahhhh everyone needs a Beau Vincent! This guy is just like sex on a stick lol! He's alpha and he oozes sexiness, he's passionate, kind and caring. Beau would fight for you, he'd throw himself in front of a train for you!


Beau is from the other side of the track, he lives in a trailer park and so many people look down on him, he's misunderstood and nobody really gives him a fair go. Beau has always loved Ashton, he loves her for who she really is. Beau and Ashton's connection is hot! I loved the scenes when they were together, they were steamy and and the sexual chemistry was intense, they were like magnets.


There is some great secondary characters, I loved Gran, she reminded me of Betty White, she was fiesty and a minx. Gran was so different from Ash's parents, which I found suprising. Beau's mum plays a great part, I just adored her! She was lively and sassy, and I could hear her Southern twang in the writing.I hope I get to read more about her in The Vincent Brothers.


I did have some problems with Ashton, I hated that she never really stuck up for Beau! I SO would've backed his corner! Ashton's voice was a bit repetitive at the start and she was a bit pathetic at times.


I tabbed the hell outta this book..they were mainly Beau scenes! I loved reading from Beau's point of view. When the cat's away, the mice will play and this is exactly what Ashton did, and she found herself in doing so. The Vincent Boys is an addictive quick read, and I really enjoyed it!


3.5 stars