The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1

The Walking Dead, Compendium 1 - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman

This is a review or the walking dead compendium one. This book is an absolute beast, and weighs nothing short of a ton. It's a bindup of the first 48 individual novels, or the first 8 volumes of the newly bound up paperback or the first 4 hardback books... confused much?!


If you're thinking of investing in this series then I highly recommend buying the compendiums, it's a lot cheaper than buying the hardback books or the newly issued paperbacks. Unless you're pumped up in the bicep department this book can't becarried around, it's heavy, big and down right awkward, it was a little uncomortable to read at times due to the weight of it. Once I hit halfway through balancing the book became easier.


I absolutely love The Walking Dead tv show put out by AMC. I didnt know that the series was based on graphic novels, at the end of series 2 I decided that I wanted to read the original story. I needed something to fill the gap that the series finale had left, so with that I placed an order.


I was a little nervous going into it, I worried that I would get the characters mixed up, and I wouldn't recognise the faces in the artwork. I need not have worried. The artwork is black and white but it works fantastically with this story. I don't think I would have enjoyed it so much if it had been in colour.


The world within The Walking Dead has gone to shit, the world has lost its colour, it's dark, bleak and gritty and this comes through with the amazing artwork. The details are just out of this world, zombies chowing down on some dudes neck, I can see them pulling on the tissue and I wince as I look at it. Amazing!


At the very beginning I was a little conufused about who was who, some of the faces looked a bit simliar, but after a few pages the confusion was gone and the characters were distinguishable not only from their faces but the dialogue.


The story starts how the tv show starts, with Rick waking up in hospital and wondering wtf has gone down. We see what Rick goes through on his journey to finding his family, dealing with the dangers in this world that he's has woke up in and trying to find salvation not only for his family but survivors that now rely on him.


Rick is more emotional, and you can see his character better in these novels. There is no Daryl Dixon in the story, which I found disappointing, so I'm glad his character was brought to the tv show.


There are more characters in the novels, some people will and do show up in the tv series. Some events happen in the books that dont happen in the tv show, things surrounding Hershel and his farm. I liked how things developed in the novels and how different some of the charactes are/were. I think you could watch the tv show and also read these at the same time without having mass spoilers they work well together but also as a seperate story arc.


I liked how some things happened to characters in the novel but happened to someone elsein the tv show, I also see why the producers of the show changed things up. This book is huge but it didnt take me long to read, I read the whole lot witin a week, I just couldn't stop reading. I was so invested in the artwork and the writing, it really is an addictve read.


I wish that I had taken more time with it, and spaced it out between reading other books.The story always moves at a fast pace, theres a lot going on, with the main story but also the characters each have their own shit to deal with. I was just so eager to keep plowing on that sometimes I would forget what just happened so I'd have to re read the last few pages.


There is a lot of cussing throughout the whole book so if you're not a fan of swear wordsthen this is not the graphic novel for you. The world is bleak, dark, gritty, there is despair and disapointment, violence and horror. The world is full of zombies, but they arent the only thing to fear, humans are now hunters, rapists and torturers.


This book shows the best but also the worst of human behaviour and when the shit goes down what we'll do to protect ourseves and our loved ones.


I hightly recommend this graphic novel for fans of the tv show, or someone wanting a fantastic zombie/apocalyptic/horror graphic novel series.


In short, a broken world plagued by zombies and what it takes to survive in a world of death and misery, a must read.


5 out of 5 stars