Restore Me (Wrecked, #2)

Restore Me (Wrecked, #2) - J.L. Mac

I'm hovering between 4 and 4.5 solid stars


The end of Wreck Me ends on a cliffhanger, but for me it wasn't too bad. I knew how that book was going to roll, and I knew deep down that Damon was going to be ok.. sort of.Restore Me picks up where Wreck Me left off, Jo is feeling anxious about Damon's current state, who wouldn't, the guy is pratically a zombie. Unsure if Damon will ever come back to her, Jo is trying real hard to make things right between them. Jo is also battling with her own demons and now Damon's and I think she does a great job of keeping things together. I love Jo's personality, she's strong and reliable and she refuses to give up. I love how J.L.Mac wrote Jo.


I don't want to talk much about Damon, but what I will say is, for the most part of this book, he's a complete bastard to Jo. Damon is cruel with his words and he treats Jo unfairly, but she takes it, and gives as good back. The sex is different from book one. Damon is hard, cold and the sexual connection they shared has shifted, but at the same time it was still hot and I think I loved it even more.


We're also introduced to some new characters. Brian is Jo's new gay best bud, who's also Damon's right hand man. I love Brian, he's so funny and sweet and I'm glad that Jo has a friend. We also meet Elise, Elise is Damon's sister. Elise is a piece of work, but Jo soon puts that right. Then there's Handy Andy... I'm not sure about this guy. Andy is weird and creepy and I have feeling Andy is going to cause some trouble.


Grams is also back! I love Grams, she's a great character and I think J.L.Mac could have some fun with her. Jo has grown close to Grams, she visits her a lot and she feels bonded with her. Jo would do anything to protect her, so when Grams money starts going missing and Edward, Damon's drunken asshole father comes on the scene she will do anything and everything to help her.


I picked up on something with Noni in book 1, and yes! I was right. I loved the ending to this book, we get a revelation, mystery and the possibility of something quite dangerous. I did find some things predictable, but it doesn't make the story any less enjoyable. I loved the writing, the pace and the way everything unfolds. J.L.Mac has created some wonderful characters and I can't wait for book 3. I need it now!!...please!