Wreck Me

Wreck Me - J.L. Mac



Jo is 25 and she's been throuigh some real hard times. Josephine lost her parents at a young age, and is pushed into a system of abusive foster families, the childrens orphange, finally ending up on the streets. It's on the streets that Jo learns how to take care of herself and not be pushed around. Jo doesn't wallow in self pity, she wants to better herself and she does! Good on her!! I loved Jo.


She is strong, fierce, kick ass and I loved her no self pity rule. I love a character that's been through the bowels of hell and they come out strong willed. Jo has a love of books, she works in a bookstore and its where we're introduced to the lovely Damon Cole.


Damon is hot, sexy, smart, strong but its also broken by a past that haunts him, a past that he keeps secret from Jo. In my head, Damon was David Boreanaz. David has these strong willfull arms and the way Damon would sweep Jo up and flip her over, I had David Boreanz in my head...which really isn't a bad thing ;-)


Damon and Jo are two pieces of the same puzzle, they just fit together. They connect not just through sex, but on another level, they bounce off each other and there was a lot of funny moments that had me laughing. J L Mac wrote Damon and Jo beautifully, not I only did I feel for these characters, but to make me laugh at them too... it takes a lot for me to laugh and feel hooked on both main characters.


Ok, the sex was AHHH-MAY-ZING!! The sex is so toe curling hot!! J L Mac can write amazing sex scenes, there's no doubt about it. There's no cheese or corny lines, no dripping members, it's just raw, dirty sex and I loved it!!! When I say dirty, I don't mean in a wrong way, more unadulterated. The sex scenes aren't over the top, but the way they are wrote and the connection that Jo and Damon have made it so much more.


When we first meet Damon, I knew instantly where this story was going. I did find this predictable and I guessed right again when Damon's father is introduced. Predictability aside, I loved this book and the cast of characters.


Grams is a great secondary character, she's a hoot! I love Grams and I hope there's more of her in the second book, Restore Me. I want to quickly mention Noni. Noni plays a minor part but I have this feeling that she's got a secret, I think I know what it is! I'm expecting a pow from Noni in the second book.


There is a cliffhanger, but because I saw it coming it didn't hit me hard..that said, I'm downloading Restore Me right now! There are a few minor errors, nothing that distracts from the story.


I did have a niggle about Grams dentures. Yeah, I know... but hear me out. Grams has dentures, yet when Jo is visiting Grams with circus peanut she thinks to herself, ' I'm the one that's going to be responsible for Grams loosing her teeth' but she has no frigging teeth, she's got dentures. So that bugged me a bitOverall, I loved the story, the characters and the writing and I'm looking forward to Restore Me.


4.5 sexy, dominating stars