Professor Gargoyle: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle - Charles Gilman

I have to talk about the design of this book. Firstly the front cover is a hologram which drew me in, the cover tells you what kind of story lies in the pages ahead and I loved that. The typography and extras used throughout the cover are awesome. Inside is equally stunning from the paper quality to the luxurious end papers to the fascinating emblem, that makes you want to dive in and find out what it all means.


I have the second book, The Slither Sisters and it's presented the same way. These books have monstrous shelf appeal, they're dying to be read by adults and children alike.


Who is Katrina Ortiz? And what does she have to with Tillinghast Mansion from 1983? Is there a connection between Lovecraft Middle School and the freaky secrets of the mansion? Who would've thought your only friends would be a two headed rat and a ghost?!


It all started with a strange book that Robert found in a hidden room in the schools library. Somehow the strange words in this books open portals and bring forth monsters with tentacles, horns and much more!


Robert Arthur is starting at a new school. He doesn't know anyone at Lovercraft Middle School until he comes face to face with Glenn Torkells. Glenn has bullied Robert for years, taking his money for dweebtax and calling him names. Robert is not happy to see Glenn to say the least so, when a giant squid-like creature throws his tentacles out of Roberts locker and attacks Glenn.. the result, the two become best friends.


I don't want to say anymore about the plot, I don't want to spoil the'll just have to pick up your own copy and find out!


The story has a lot of mystery, and it's packed with action, adventure and cool illustrations. The story has short chapters and flows at a nice even pace.


This was a great start to a new series, and I can't wait to dive into the second book, The Slither Sisters. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and a few light scares.Fans of House of Anubis, Harry Potter and Goosebumps will love it!


5 out of 5 stars