Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

This has been a difficult book for me to's that moment when you don't get the book that everyone else loves...this is it! It's not that I didn't like the book, it's just I didn't like it, LIKE IT!


Everyone knows what this book is about, so I'll just get to it!The first seventy pages were a struggle for me, I don't know why but I just couldn't connect with the story. I didn't feel invested in it, and to be honest, at times I felt like I was wading through mud. I really wanted to put the book down, but I felt like I owed the book not to, everyone loves this book right?


It must be good!During those first seventy ish pages the writing sort of annoyed me. Anna would be having a conversation with Meredith, and then it would just stop. Anna would then flash back to a conversation she had with someone else at a completely different time, or she'd tell us her thoughts, that sometimes had nothing to do with the conversation she was having with Meredith. Then boom, I'd be reading Anna and Meredith's original conversation. It wasn't that it was confusing, just annoying and jolty, and happened quite a lot during those first few chapters.


The story did pick up, and my attention was grabbed, however it was short lived. There was a good one hundred pages or so in the middle that I just skimmed, I picked out the things that I wanted to read. The story went slow and boring and it just didn't seem to go anywhere. I remember reading paragraphs of what Anna was learning in class, and I judt didn't care.


After I'd got over the whopping chunk of skimming, the story picked up again, this time it became exciting. The characters were actually doing things, there was drinking, dancing, having fun, fights and arguements and copious amounts of puking! The last quarter of the book I really enjoyed and I found myself reading at my usual pace.


Now, St Clair.. I have to get this off my chest, what is so great about this guy? Really? Everyone who has read this book is swooning over him, I just don't get why. What am I missing? Don't get me wrong, he's smart, a bit of a joker, and kind, but why does that make him so knee trembling worthy? I don't think he was even that good looking was he?


This was another problem I had, I couldn't picture him in my head, or Anna or the other Characters. When I read I can picture the characters in my head, I can see their facial expressions, I didn't get that with Anna and the French Kiss. I can't say I liked any of them, that may sound harsh, but they just didn't leave an impact on me.I was also expecting this book to be LOL funny.. I think I must've been reading a different book as I didn't think it was that funny at all. There may have been a few instances when I let out a little snigger, but nothing near hilarity.


A couple of things I did really like, were the emails exchanged between Anna and St Clair over Christmas. It broke the story up, and it humoured me. I really did enjoy how Stephanie wrote about Paris itself. The way she described Paris, the food and the shops, it was beautfiul and during those times I felt like I was walking the streets of Paris.


"Now I know why people are always carrying on about Paris in the springtime. The leaves are bright green with birth, the chestnut trees are clustered with pink buds, and the walkways are lined with yellow tulips. Everywhere I look, Parisians are smiling."



Overall there were elements of the story I liked. I appreciated how the author described Paris, it was truly wonderful. It's clear from those moments that Stephanie has a beautiful writing style, for those reasons I can't wait to see where the she takes her writing next.


2.5 out of 5 stars